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Canoe Portage Courtesy
Being considerate of others on portage routes
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Lack of courtesy on portage routes is something that has become somewhat of a pet peeve for me. On our last trip, I noticed that the route we were on was somewhat busy. I was feeling irritated by garbage left on the trail and people just being plain inconsiderate.

Most of us are very conscientious but sometimes people just do not know any better so here are some common courtesies for portages...

  • The person portaging with the canoe has the right of way over someone without a canoe. Please step aside and let the person pass.

  • Do not leave garbage on the trail or at the end of the portage. It is not fair that others have to pack out garbage left by other people. If you do see garbage please pack it out.

  • If the portage landing is crowded, please wait your turn and please do not block the put in or take out with your gear. When you land, please move your gear right away and if you are putting in you should wait until all your gear is at the put in before you place your canoe in the water.

  • Keep to the portage trail to minimize impact on plant life.

  • Do not block the trail with gear or your canoe.

  • Do not gather at the landing to chat as you may be in the way of others.

  • Be patient and polite on busy portages.

  • Finally, please keep your dog on a leash so it does not bother others or trip someone portaging and don't leave excrement on the trail. Pack it out, bury it or take it to a thunderbox (privy).

Written by Laurie March
Photos courtesy Laurie March

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