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The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running (2nd Edition)
by Adam W. Chase & Nancy Hobbs

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Combining the thrill of being in the wilderness with the health benefits associated with road running; trail running is a sport many people enjoy, myself included. It is a fun and challenging adventure, but as a beginner it can be frustrating when trying to find great information on the subject - well look no further.

Adam W. Chase and Nancy Hobbs have created a book with easy to follow guidelines on every aspect of this sport. Beginning with a chapter about the Past, Present and Future of Trail Running, this book continues on, for a total of 13 chapters, covering important topics such as technique, strenght and distance training, equipment, nutrition, and caring for the trail.

Both the table of contents and index are straighforward and neatly organized for quick access to topic-specific information. Each chapter is well laid out with bolded headings and have clear pictures when examples are required for explaining a specific technique. For example, the diagrams shown in chapter 6, Stretching for the Trail, illustrate the proper positioning for different types of stretches.

Other great features of this book are the anecdotal personal touches included within each chapter. They encompass everything from excellent advice based on different people's experiences to a touching story about a dog named Kysmit.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced trail runner, The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running is an exceptional how-to and would make the perfect addition to any runner's bookshelf.

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