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Musical Fun at Camp
Passing the time with some classic songs and skits

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Have you ever seen a goose chasing a moose? This is a rhyme from a song called Down by the Bay. Songs and skits can be great boredom beaters and they are great fun for the little ones.

On one trip there we were traveling with a little girl named Maria who was only 4 years old. Everyone would start singing and then stop to listen to Maria. Her voice and actions were so cute that we couldn't resist. Maria also liked many of the old standbys such as Michael, Row the boat ashore and Row, Row your Boat.

Songs with actions are great entertainment for all. We taught Maria a song about a Little Green Frog. I still have that song ingrained in my head and after its mention, I find myself singing it around the house for days. Another fun song is Here Comes Sally, which has actions and is good for memory. Songs that are more a spoken story such as Herman the Worm and The Boa Constrictor are humourous and children can't help laughing. Down by the Bay and the Quartermaster's Store are great songs for making rhymes. Two old favourites of mine are A Hole in the Bucket and the Canadian version of This Land is Your Land . I also enjoy the native rhythm of the Canoe Song and Land of the Silver Birch.

Two of our friends are Scout Leaders. They are great with leading the group in song and skit. One of the skits is the Lawnmower. One person lies on the ground and pretends to be a lawnmower that sputters but does not quite start. Several members of the group come up, at the skit leader's request and try to pull start the lawnmower but the lawnmower just won't go. Then one of the male members of the group comes up to start the lawnmower and it starts straight away. The leader of the skit says, "I guess all we needed was a really big jerk."

Songs and skits are a great way to pass the time, lighten the mood and have some good clean fun. Next time you get bored on the trail, by the campfire or in the canoe try getting everyone involved in a round of song.

Written by Laurie March

masthead photo courtesy
Laurie March




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