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The odor-proof ziplocking bag

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We often hit the trail or waterways in black bear country where we have to hang our foods. This is quite different than having to use an approved canister or Ursak in grizzly country. Food hanging, if done properly, will keep all of the critters out of your food. That said, I still try to reduce odors.

A few years ago I started using a product called the OPSAK from a company called LOKSAK (formerly Watchful Eye Designs). These ziplocking bags are great for people who dry their own foods for reheating on the trail. The bags are certified waterproof and will handle temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F) and as high as 76°C (170°F).

The bags are not rated for being placed into boiling water but the manufacturer indicates that you can safely add boiling water to the bag. This is great for rehydrating foods and they are more durable than ziplocking freezer bags which often warp with the addition of boiling liquids (potentially leaching chemicals into the food). The OPSAKs are FDA approved.

The OPSAKs are fully recyclable. While they are more a bit more costly than ziplocking freezer bags I can confidently say that they last 10 to 15 times longer.

For general waterproof storage without the odor proof barrier you might also want to look at the aLOKSAK.

You will find these amazing products online at

Written by Laurie March

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