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The Ice Queen
Reviewing cold weather apparel from Skirt Sports

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I'm a big fan of the Skirt Sports Tough Girl line so when the opportunity to test the Ice Queen jacket and skirt came up, I relished the idea. I was quite pleased with the results. I'm not a runner so I used the clothing primarily for snowshoeing and brisk walking.

Of the details I like most are the godets at the ankle. These little zippered panels are terrific when it comes to accommodating footwear like winter boots. Just like the Tough Girl Skirt, the Ice Queen sports a pocket for your musical device and port for the headphones.

Something I noticed right away with both the jacket and the skirt was the difference in fabric when comparing this to the Tough Girl. Be sure to order the correct size because the Ice Queen outfit doesn't have a lot of stretch, but because of that, it is much more windproof. There are panels in the jacket and the pant portion of the bottom to provide extra warmth where you need it most. As many of our readers know, I can be a bit of a klutz, so I was happy that the snow shed easily from the leggings when I wiped out while snowshoeing. The other thing I like about the Ice Queen ensemble, and many of the other Skirt Sports offerings, is seams have been stitched in such a way that chaffing is never an issue. This quality of tailoring also makes for a more durable and attractive products-attractive enough that you could wear them off the trail too.

I did find the jacket a little warm when I was enjoy activities in weather where the temperatures were above 5°C and I found I had to remove the jacket, but that's where proper layering is your friend. In -5°C conditions, I found the ensemble perfectly toasty and it performed extremely well. This is definitely a must-have for the outdoorsy woman who doesn't hibernate during the winter months.

Written by Outdoor Girl Laurie March
Photo courtesy of Skirt Sports

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